idea360: design, manage, enable and promote programs with high social impact


A digital ecosystem

idea360 is a digital platform developed by Fondazione Italiana Accenture that enables you to design and build:

  • Crowdsourcing programs (competitions, calls for ideas, expression of interest, surveys, etc.)
  • e-learning journeys
  • crowdfunding campaigns
idea360 is a white label platform also available for third parties in SaaS (Software As A Service) mode.
The implementation of a customized project on idea360 takes a few days, thanks to its highly configurable and manageable functions that will allow you to manage the project independently.
idea360 is a mobile-first website that work on smartphones, tablets and desktop in multiple languages

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Who is it for?

foundations, associations, institution and businesses

that promote socially impactful initiatives through calls for ideas, surveys, training programs and fundraisers

Young social entrepreneurs

who want to take part in the initiatives hosted on idea360


Our goals


new generations of social entrepreneurs and young adults


projects that deliver the greatest benefits to society, especially those that target the most fragile categories


The use of technology as an accelerator of social innovation

The platform

idea360 functionalities



Use idea360 to develop digital programs based on structured data gathering (competitions, calls for ideas, surveys, expressions of interest, and more). It’s fast, secure, hassle-free and transparent. You act autonomously and can personalize extensively to:

  • Optimize development times
  • Maximize the quality and reliability of outcomes
  • Provide a user-friendly web and mobile interface
  • Rapidly define your set-up following simple, guided operational steps

idea360 is intuitive to use. You do not need technical competencies to set up:

  • Web pages (landing page, rules, terms and conditions, etc.)
  • Application forms
  • Selection and evaluation criteria
  • Selective access to data
  • Reports and dashboards


Use idea360 to create a digital training journey for your community. You can:

  • set it up in a dedicated e-learning environment
  • integrate different types of content (slides, videos, quizzes, forms, SCORM, webinars)
  • personalize rights of access

Additionally, idea360 offers added-value digital training journeys on social innovation themes made available by Fondazione Italiana Accenture.

With its high level of usability, idea360 is an ideal environment for planning and delivering:

  • On-demand training courses
  • Interactive webinars
  • Dashboards on utilization
  • Certificates that you can customize


    idea360 empowers you to digitally manage the structured acquisition of data and information regardless of type or format (e.g. documents, images, videos, etc.), and to aggregate and use them in an organized and personalized manner.

  • 1
    A digital ecosystem

    idea360 idea360 functions as a digital ecosystem where training and fundraising needs can be directly or indirectly bridged with data gathering activities.

  • 2

    Operations running on idea360 are more transparent, precise and reliable than analogous manual or part-manual processes. The quality of programs managed on idea360 is also assured by support from Fondazione Italiana Accenture while those programs are running.

  • 3

    Activating a crowdsourcing, crowdfunding or digital training program using idea360 takes only a few days—and you can manage it on your own, configuring and personalizing it extensively.

  • 4

    idea360 functionalities are designed to manage multi-stakeholder programs promoted by Fondazione Italiana Accenture or third parties. They are continually upgraded and optimized.




Landing page


Define and build the web/mobile page that you want to attract your potential users/participants to. Choose your preferred page structure and drag the modules inside the composer to position them as you wish.

Responsive content

The pages are fully responsive and adapt to any device or resolution (smartphone, tablet, desktop).


idea360 is programmed to operate in Italian and English and can be configured and translated into other languages.

Custom CSS

Easily apply personalized CSS to your web/mobile page for a totally personalized experience.


Application form

Drag & Drop

Rapidly design and build your forms using the intuitive, user-friendly drag-and-drop editor on idea360

Save and continue

Enhance the experience by offering users the option to save content already uploaded and continue filling their form whenever they want

Multi-page forms

Simply access to more complex forms by dividing them into consecutive pages


Build your forms by combining pre-configured template modules

Conditional logic

Visualize or hide fields, sections, pages, etc., based on user selections/actions


Apply validations to data uploaded to ensure that all data gathered are uniform and coherent


Configurate possible uploads of massive data based on specified dimensions or formats

Pre-submission review

Check users’ proposals before they confirm them and monitor how initiatives are progressing at any time


Score users’ responses to automatically generate pre-classifications


Evaluation and Report


Define your evaluation criteria and set a score range. Invite jurors and plan electronic voting sessions

Data Analysis

Visualize data gathered using interactive graphics and advanced search functions


Select content for export, formatted as you wish. Save your export flow for subsequent use



Course journeys

Create, program and automate access to your e-learning content based on user cluster type


Use the numerous options available to personalize web/mobile page and course graphics (enter backgrounds, cover images for each lesson, modify color and font, etc.).

Dashboard and reports

Monitor the performance of your e-learning journey using a dedicated dashboard, selecting the level of detail desired

User integration

Manage access autonomously, using manual or SSO (Single Sign On) enrolment integrated with third-party systems (CRM platforms and databases)


Stimulate learning using the different modules available: slides, text, images, presentations, videos, quizzes, forms, SCORM, webinars


Idea360 Value Proposition

idea360 is a central pillar of the value proposition from Fondazione Italiana Accenture. We promote digital technology as a tool for generating efficiency and assuring process transparency, security, precision and traceability.



Fondazione Italiana Accenture, via N. Bonnet 10, 20154 Milano



It is possible to manage competitions, announcements, calls, expressions of interest, surveys. Crowdsourcing functionality can also be used as lead archiving.

Yes, within your own administration area you can create multiple initiatives and manage them simultaneously. Each initiative may contain one or more landing pages and one or more data collection forms. Furthermore, it is possible to insert one or more voting rounds for the proposals received.

Fondazione Italiana Accenture will send the initiative managers a link from which to log in and enter your password. Once this step is completed, the operator will have access to its installation and can create one or more initiatives.

Participating users will be able to view the public landing page and send their proposal or application by completing the registration of their account (with log-in) and subsequently completing the fields of the proposed form.

A project on idea360 refers to a partner initiative consisting of one or more landing pages and / or one or more forms for data collection. Both the pages and the form are fully customizable through the tools and tutorials made available by Fondazione Italiana Accenture In addition, an e-learning course dedicated to users can be connected to the initiative with the technical support made available. A project can also present itself as a competition when a voting session is activated. In this case, the partner will be able to invite the members of the jury to vote on the proposals received through the platform.

Yes, idea360 is natively multilingual both in the back-end and in the front-end. By default, the system is set up in Italian / English and able to manage other languages upon specific request.

Idea360 allows you to use presets to generate attractive and ready-to-use pages, clone existing landing pages and forms and speed up the workflow without the need for specific skills. It is possible to duplicate both complete projects, landing pages and forms to facilitate and speed up the online submission of competitions.

Yes, it is possible to vote on the proposals received by adding a voting session to the form and setting up a jury to evaluate the contents based on the identified criteria.

Yes, both the pages and the forms are completely customizable thanks to the tools and tutorials made available by idea360. You can then intervene on backgrounds, fonts, colors, logos, icons, favicons, prepare footers and headers. Furthermore, each partner will be able to modify the layout of the contents on the landing pages in total autonomy and in line with their own brand identity.

Yes, it is possible to customize both the sender and the contents of notifications such as registration confirmation messages, creation and sending of proposals and communications to collaborators from the platform.

Yes, you can add code strings to customize your project on idea360 including Facebook Pixel.

Yes, it is possible to customize the page header and footer, adding links to external pages but also to the terms and conditions of the competition.

Yes, it is possible to invite multiple operators as managers of one or more projects within the partner area.

Once you have defined the type of project you want to start and having clear the contents to be included on the landing and within the form, the insertion of the contents on the page and the creation of the form usually takes a couple of hours and does not require of technical skills.

Yes, you can select and filter the fields before downloading to receive file containing only the necessary information.

Yes, it is possible to prepare multiple forms from your administration area and link them to one or more landing pages of the same initiative.

It will be possible to view the data collected in real time by accessing your administration area on idea360. From here, you can filter the proposals based on numerous personalized search criteria and view the results in the form of sorted lists and graphs. It is also possible to save the searches set, arrange the export by including or excluding certain fields and finally save in xls or pdf formats.

It is possible to dedicate a landing page to a news section, appropriately managing the updated editorial contents using all the tools already present to combine titles, texts, images and multimedia contents. Any special sections such as scheduled news, blogs and forums, can be implemented upon request in reference to specific initiatives.

Access to the form is allowed to registered users. Registration requires the entry of an email and password, data necessary to allow the user to save their proposals and recall them later. The form, independent of the registration process, can then be prepared to re-request some of this information which will be useful to those responsible for managing the initiative.

Yes, it is possible to link an e-learning course to a competition thanks to the support of the Fondazione Italiana Accenture. It is possible to mark the course as mandatory or optional for submitting the application for the competition.

Yes, it is possible to use the platform to collect data, creating a landing page and a dedicated form.

Yes, you can use a custom domain as the main domain of the initiative or customize part of the domain made available by idea360 by entering the name of the project. The link made available will end in

It is possible to insert a title and an SEO description within each landing page on idea360 to optimize and improve the positioning in the organic results of search engines.

Yes, in each form you can enable team participation or limit participation to entities or companies in possession of VAT or Tax Code.

Idea360 requires users to register by entering an e-mail, Name, Surname and password. It will be possible to fill in the form and save the contents entered by recalling them at a later time.

In case of "white label" use: The personal data requested when registering the initiative (for log-in: e-mail, name, surname and password)" will be processed by the Accenture Italian Foundation as Data Controller. site you can find the information. The personal data requested in the initiative form will be processed by the Third Party as Data Controller and by the Accenture Italian Foundation as Manager. The Third Party will therefore have to provide its privacy policy for the processing of personal data requested in the initiative form that will be published on the landing page.

in all other cases where Fondazione Italiana Accenture is promoter or partner: The autonomous ownership, joint ownership or letter of appointment responsible will be defined in the agreement according to the needs of the parties involved.

Yes, it is possible to enable this function and insert the self-cancellation date of the fields within each form on idea360.

Once the proposals have been received, they can be organized, filtered and exported. It will be possible to choose the fields to be included in the export and the file format (xls or pdf).

Yes, it is possible to remove users' personal data. For example, exporting a file with only abstract and scope of proposals.



Yes, it is possible to insert a form within the course that can be used as a satisfaction questionnaire

Yes, it is possible to insert one or more quizzes within the course to evaluate the student during the course. It will be possible to choose the number of daily attempts that the user can make, the time available, the order of the questions and choose whether to show the correct answers after sending.

Yes, it is possible to limit the user's daily attempts by entering the maximum number of attempts in the dedicated field.

To create an e-learning course it is necessary to have all the video, audio, slide or SCORM content to be inserted, the list of questions in the case of quizzes or forms, the links to the webinars if they are present, the list of students and any blocks o minimum scores to be achieved for completing the course.

Optionally, you can also add a list of teachers, additional materials that will appear in the course library, a list of F.A.Q. and customize the color and font codes on the page. Furthermore, also on the e-learning section it will be possible to customize the name and email of the sender and the messages sent by the platform. We remind you that the Third Party must have, obtain, and continue to have all the necessary licenses, rights, consents, releases and permissions necessary for a legitimate use of the published contents.

Yes, you can customize both logos, fonts and background images, as well as color codes and icons.

Yes, it is possible to enable the lessons in both Italian and English.

Yes, it is possible to customize all messages sent by the platform and choose the sender from which notifications to users will arrive.

Yes, each user will see the percentage of completion in his dashboard, while operators will be able to access the course statistics to follow the progress of the students.

Based on the choices of the course manager, students will be able to freely browse the contents or follow a predetermined sequence. Each student can access the e-learning section at any time to follow the lessons and find links to webinars just before the start of the live lesson. At the end of the course, the user may have to complete a final quiz to evaluate the skills acquired and / or fill out a course satisfaction questionnaire.

Yes, it is possible to insert customized code strings to the e-learning course including the Facebook Pixel string.

Yes, it is possible to insert external links to the page and the link to the terms and conditions of the course or competition.

Yes, it is possible to add more operators to the course based on their functions (e.g. professor for uploading files or lessons, student manager for viewing the statistics and the list of students and course managers for the entire customization of the section ).

Yes, it is possible to customize the certificate according to the indications provided by Fondazione Italiana Accenture.

Yes, it is possible not only to manage multiple courses at the same time but also to divide the courses into multiple teaching units that the user will see by accessing their dashboard.

Users can take advantage of an e-learning course through an initiative on idea360, using the link in the form, accessing directly through the custom form, logging in following a bulk import of personal data or through system integration with third-party systems.

You can upload PowerPoint presentations, video and audio content, SCORM packages, images, files to download, and text content using the editor available. You can also use external links for uploading materials (eg videos from YouTube).

Yes, the e-learning section has an area dedicated to webinars. it is possible to prepare and organize webinars using the most common tools (Teams, Webex, Meet, Zoom, etc.), scheduling the viewing and sending automatic reminders to course participants.

The e-learning section collects all data relating to the completion of courses to monitor the percentage of completion of each student, the time dedicated to each lesson, the date of the first and last access, the score obtained in the quizzes and the answers given to the inside the forms.

Yes, it is possible to insert additional files in the course library and make them available to participants.

Yes, it is possible to add a F.A.Q. section. for students of the course by entering the questions and answers in the dedicated section.

Yes, the general statistics provide an overview of users and their course completion rate. It will also be possible to download reports in xls format with details.

Yes, it is possible to divide the students into groups in order to compartmentalize the use of the contents, furthermore each module can be further addressed to specific users through the provision of a password in display.

The system supports multimedia files such as video and audio in .mp4, .mp3, acc, m4a, f4a formats. you can use your own sources or sources available online (eg Youtube). The slides can be single images or PowerPoint presentations, while the SCORM must be uploaded in .zip format. As for the forms and quizzes, it will be possible to use the native tools available.

Yes, it is possible to insert blocks to not allow the user to skip lessons, scroll to the end of the videos, freely navigate between the various lessons and skip paragraphs necessary to complete the course. In these cases, the user will not be able to switch from one tab to another on his computer and will be obliged to carefully follow the lessons until the end.

Yes, it is possible to enter the transcription of the texts in the dedicated field, offering the user the reading of the transcripts as an alternative to watching the video.

Yes, it is possible to review all the lessons as long as the course remains online in the e-learning section.

Yes, it is possible to enter a minimum score for each quiz within the course.

Yes, it is possible to arrange a free navigation or to link the use to a specific hierarchy.

In the event that the e-learning course is linked to a crowdsourcing initiative, refer to the question "How are personal data managed in the crowdsourcing section?"

In the event that the user to participate in the e-learning course must register independently, the registration form will ask for name, surname, e-mail; the Third Party must provide the privacy information for the processing of personal access data which will be published on the registration page.

In the event that the Third Party subscribes the user to the e-learning section, it must provide users in advance with the privacy information for the processing of data which will in any case be included in the footer of the course page.